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What is the best car seat/travel system for hot climates?

I'm a soon to be first time mum and I live on a small Caribbean island where my car gets scorching hot during the day time.

I have looked at many car seats/travel systems and I am completely lost as to which will suit our climate; most of the seat are made of a sort of polyester, microfiber or plastic.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much!What is the best car seat/travel system for hot climates?Unfortunately most are made of those materials because they are easy to clean. I'd find a system that you like and get a linen cover for it to keep the surface cool. There are also reflective sunshades for cars seats that you can drape over it when you're parked (like the shades that go in the windshield).

Ask around in your neighborhood, too. Maybe another mom found the perfect solution already and will share her ideas.

How long does it take to travel from the Dominican Republic border to the Citadelle in Haiti?

I want to travel from the northern border of the Dominican Republic to the Citadelle in northern Haiti. How long does it take?How long does it take to travel from the Dominican Republic border to the Citadelle in Haiti?Hi Brian,

It will take about 4 hours, but I would recommend to think it 2x before doing this. This country has a lot of problems for the moment (I live in the Dominican Republic) and every day there are a lot of negative news crossing the border so....

Happy to help you

Happy FeetHow long does it take to travel from the Dominican Republic border to the Citadelle in Haiti?3 to 4 hours.How long does it take to travel from the Dominican Republic border to the Citadelle in Haiti?FIGURE 4 HOURS IF YOU DONT GET JACKED .

What is the best way to travel from Basel, Switzerland, to Munich Germany?

I need to travel from Basel, Switzerland to Munich, Germany. I would prefer the cheapeast way possible. Any suggestions?What is the best way to travel from Basel, Switzerland, to Munich Germany?Well, I checked the German Rail site and the regular price is about 87 euros, but it says they have specials for 39 euros, but you have to check for availability on the specific date and time you want.

There are lots of trains and that's the best way to go.鈥?/a>

There are buses, too, from Bern or Zurich to Munich, but you'd spend just as much getting from Basel to those cities, and they only travel a few days a week.

I haven't had much luck lately on the bus website, but it's
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  • What is the cheapest way to travel from Gillingham in Dorset to London?

    I need to travel to London on a Friday and return on Saturday, however the train is looking like it will cost around 拢80! No coaches leave directly from Gillingham, does anyone have any bright ideas?! Thanks!What is the cheapest way to travel from Gillingham in Dorset to London?I don't know where you get a figure of 拢80 from unless you're intending to travel during the weekday morning rush hour without booking in advance.. After 09-30am fares will be lower; booking your ticket in advance will be lower still; go to the station today and book it. A national railcard will give you a discount of 34% whether you book in advance or not. Not knowing what time you wish to travel on the days you mentioned, I found a return for 拢43. With a railcard discount that would be about 拢28.30 is the cheapest way to travel from Gillingham in Dorset to London?You could alwasy try the National Express or Megabus.

    The National Express is usually quite cheap if you book it far enough in advance, and they have these things called 'funfares' which are good.

    Then there is the megabus. It does not go to as many places but is a lot cheaper, with lots of journeys only being 拢1.00 single.

    Hope this helps!What is the cheapest way to travel from Gillingham in Dorset to London?Local services fro Gillingham to salisbury and National Express Coaches have regular services to %26amp; from...cheersWhat is the cheapest way to travel from Gillingham in Dorset to London?

    How do you remove the coffee taste from a travel mug?

    I have several travel mugs that I often fill with coffee and take with me in the car. The problem is that the cups quickly absorbed the taste of the coffee. Now if I put any other beverage, like tea, in the mugs all I can taste is stale coffee. I do wash my dishes very well with soap and water, so that is not the problem. It is just that the coffee is so strong I guess? Anyway, Can anyone please tell me how to remove this stale coffee taste from my travel mug?How do you remove the coffee taste from a travel mug?Use some baking soda and vinegar - it will make a "volcano" effect first. Fill the mugs and then just leave it and let it sit in the cups overnight. That should take care of it.How do you remove the coffee taste from a travel mug?
    I figured it would work. Thank you for the best answer.

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    How do you remove the coffee taste from a travel mug?Try filling the cup 1/4 full with vinegar and the rest with water. Let it sit overnight and then rinse and let air dry. Once it's dry, you won't be able to taste it.How do you remove the coffee taste from a travel mug?
    Run it through the dishwasher...How do you remove the coffee taste from a travel mug?Try soaking them in bleach water. If that doesnt work get new mugs and only use them for anything but coffee.

    What is the best way to travel around in Victoria BC? Is it best to rent a car or use the bus system?

    This is our first trip to Victoria. We are unsure of the best way to navigate ourselves from the airport in Vancouver to Victoria to Butchart Gardens and other attractions. We have heard that the bus system works about the best and costs less. The ferry ride would be less without a rental car but we don't want to feel "stuck" without transportation. Would love to hear from others who have gone before us and can give us some tips to make our travel more enjoyable. Thank you!What is the best way to travel around in Victoria BC? Is it best to rent a car or use the bus system?The best way to get to Victoria from Vancouver is by The Pacifac Coach Lines. There are busses leaving the airport in Vancouver every two hours which will take you right to your hotel in Victoria or drop you off downtown. The cost is only about $40.00 one way. The ferry takes 1 3/4 hours and is an exciting trip in itself. Be sure to watch for whales. Once you get to Victoria, I think you would find that if you rent a car it's going to end up parked most of the time anyways because the majority of the tourist attractions are in about a six block radious of each other right downtown. I would suggest doing all of the walking tours of Victoria first and then renting a car for a couple of days to see the attractions on the outskirts of the city or out of town. When I lived in Victoria I used to leave my car at home and walk everywhere because it was so much faster because of the heavy tourist traffic both in cars and on foot. There are several very interesting ways to see the sites in Victoria. You can take a double decker bus tour, ride the Tally Hoes ( horse drawn carriage tours) ride in a rickshaw, take boat tours, rent a bicycle or scooter, ( all of these are available right beside the Parliment Buildings) or even take the city transit bus. Victoria's city busses are very clean and will take you anywhere you want to go. Some must see's in Victoria include the Boardwalk along Marina Boulavard, tea at The Empress, The Parliment Buildings, the buskers at Inner Harbour, Whale watching tours, Underwater Seaworld and the museums. Out of town must see's are East Sooke Park, French Beach, Chamanius (city of murals), Butchard Gardens and the Coach House pubs along the highway on route to Sooke. The websites below include information on Victoria, bus information, car rentals and attractions. Hope this helps and that you enjoy your trip. I know you will love it.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    You will have to excuse the spelling errors...spell check is not working.What is the best way to travel around in Victoria BC? Is it best to rent a car or use the bus system?
    Your welcome. Glad I could help and thanks for the best answer vote. You're going to love it around there so have a good trip..

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    What is the best way to travel around in Victoria BC? Is it best to rent a car or use the bus system?Wow. What a dilemma. I don't have the best answer. But will list out some pros and cons for each.

    The first are con's against a car. Victoria is hell to navigate. Sure, an easy 30 minute drive from the ferry to downtown where your hotel is probably located. But in general, the roads wind and change names, etc. I think it is partially because back in the day, they had a British round-a-bout system that is now converted to traffic lights. With the latter you would have parallel streets running into 2 street intersections. In the former why not 4 or 6 roads heading to a round-a-bout. Plus it is an island with peninsulas, bridges, and coastlines; the roads can't be straight. So, when you add an an elderly population driving, plus other tourists driving, it may not be a vacation to drive. Other than Butchard Gardens, there are a lot of attractions in the downtown area, so a car is not need. And basically, all transit routes go downtown, so if your hotel isn't downtown you will probably be able to get there easy. Finally, the bus drives right onto the ferry, you don't have to deal with the line up. AND there will be a line up at the ferry.

    PCL is the bus that goes from the airport, right onto the ferry and to downtown Victoria. It's a long trip, and the fewer times you transfer your luggage the better. Their link is attached. Problems? The ride takes forever, it leaves every 2 hours and the last one is 7:40 PM, probably getting you to downtown Victoria 11:30ish. I guess realistically, you can only leave by car about half an hour later than that last bus to make it. You may want to see if the PCL return trip via Buchard Gardens works for you. Looks to be a smooth option, but the timing has to be right for your other travel plans. Renting a car and a well timed ferry reservation could shorten that trip by 90 minutes. It's not guaranteed, there are lots of variables, especially if you skip the ferry reservation. But my bet is a car is smother and faster. And the cost is about the same for caching the ferry with a car as it is for 2 taking the bus. You still have costs of the car, but if 3 or 4 are traveling, the car becomes cheaper. Even with 2, if you happen on a good car rate like a weekend or week deal, the car option can be cheaper.

    The double decker bus is the other tour option for hitting Buchard. It is also attached. It is $50 each. Buchard costs $23 each. So again, you can ask for specific driving directions from the hotel, rent a car for the day, and get there quicker, cheaper and freer. The thing I hate about a bus is the freedom. With your own car you can leave earlier if you get board, or stay until it closes if you love the place.What is the best way to travel around in Victoria BC? Is it best to rent a car or use the bus system?
    You can hop on a lovely double decker for like, 2.50 and get into downtown! The transit there is great, scooters are another option to rent, the weather is usually pretty fair this time of year. Bicycling in Victoria, and around that area is not to be missed though!!! The Galloping Goose trail is awesome...Bike shops rent really nice hybrids for the day! Then, there's the car, my last choice though! Enjoy, it's a lovely city to visit!What is the best way to travel around in Victoria BC? Is it best to rent a car or use the bus system?If you are staying downtown, you do NOT need to rent a car or take the bus. Victoria's centre is a very walkable city.

    From the airport, hop on an Akal shuttle. They leave the airport all the time and will take you to your hotel for about $15.

    To go to Butchart Gardens from downtown, go to the downtown bus depot on Douglas. They have trips leaving from there daily. Also, in front of the harbour and Empress hotel, double decker buses leave all the time. You can ask at the booths on the sidewalks and get tickets for tours around the city there.

    Also, one great thing to do here is go whale watching. It's expensive but worth it. About $100 each. Trips are daily and take about 3-4 hours. is the best way to travel around in Victoria BC? Is it best to rent a car or use the bus system?
    Definitely the bus is a cheap option. Try contacting Pacific Coach Lines. They include the ferry on the way to Victoria and also have the option of going on tours in the Butchart Gardens.

    How to travel with a six month old?

    I have to travel alone with my six month old daughter from South America back to the US. The last time I traveled back alone was very difficult- and now she tends to wiggle around in my arms- any suggestions as to how to hold her on the plane?How to travel with a six month old?I've been flying internationally and domestically with my children since they were each 2 months (now 8%26amp;6, and 5 months). At least three trips a year are the children and I traveling internationally (14+ hours each way) alone. In addition to that, we do another 8-10 international and domestic flights a year as a family. I have never had any problems with my children on any of the flights. Here are a few tips and suggestions:

    1.) You will need to have all your baby's documents in order. It is a good idea to keep a copy of her notarized birth certificate with you. Keep your doctors name and number with you. Also get the name and number of a doctor where you are visiting in case an emergency should come up. Another thing you should consider bringing with you is your childs immunization book. That way if any emergency should arise while you are on vacation (no matter where you are) the treating physician will at least have some verifiable information to go on. This book also usually includes what your child is allergic to, and some small but very helpful notes from your doctor. Since it is an international trip, you will need a passport and possibly a visa for your child as well. Verify what travel documents you will need in advance to make sure you have everything.

    2.) Since your child is under two, you are allowed to hold her as a lap child. Try to book a bulkhead (front) seat where you will have more room, and a bassinet. Bassinets are limited, and not available on every flight. If the bassinet is available (they can only be used in bulkhead seats) it will attach to the front wall for you to put your child in (however you can not use this during taxi, take-offs, landings, or turbulence).

    This is not the safest way for a child to fly and the airlines recommend children under 40lbs have their own seat with a child safety device - a CRS (Child Restraint System) - because it is safe for the child (especially during turbulence), makes them feel secure, is more comfortable for both parent and child, will help your child sleep, and gives both of you the opportunity to relax a bit. A CRS is a hard-backed child or infant or child safety seat that is approved by the government for use in both motor vehicles and aircraft.

    In order to be certified for use on an airplane, the car seat has to met the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Check the labels on the side of your car restraint for a sticker (words will be printed in red) for verification that your seat is safe for airplane use. Almost all car seats pass this requirement.

    Many airlines offer half-price tickets so parents can be guaranteed that their child can travel in a CRS device. You should call your airline to ask for a discount and/or ask what the airline's policy is for using empty seats.

    If you haven't booked a separate seat for your child, be nice on check-in and see if they can "block" the seat next to you. They will then only use it if they absolutely need it - giving you a free seat!

    3.) You can take a stroller and gate check it (you can also do this with a care seat). It will not count towards your checked luggage. This means that you will be able to use it all the way up until the time that you board, and one of the handlers will take it from you at your departure gate, tag it, and put it in a special compartment for you. When you exit the plane, it will be waiting for you at the door as well.

    4.) Not all children have a problem with the pressure changes in their ears. If yours does however you'll want to know how to help. For take-offs and landings (the WHOLE way up, and starting from the BEGINNING, or TOP of descent), the best ways to alleviate ear pressure are to:

    *If your child is nursing, nurse her

    *Give her something to drink (formula, water)

    *Give her a pacifier to suck on

    *Place hot damp towels (usually like the ones distributed to first and business class before take-off and landing to freshen up with - just ask a flight attendant for them) or paper towels that have been soaked in hot water and wrung out, at the bottom of two paper or styrofoam cups, then hold the cups over the ears

    *Gently but with some pressure, rub her neck repeatedly from the chin to the base of the neck. This will cause a swallowing motion that will relieve pressure build-up in the ears.

    5.) As long as your child is with you, you are able to take as much formula, breast milk, regular milk, juice and/or baby food that you will need for you child for the duration of the time you will spend in the airport and on the flight (as long as it is within reason).And no, you will NOT have to taste it - no matter what form you bring it in.

    All that you must do is:

    1. Separate the milk from the liquids, gels, and aerosols in your quart-size (1 liter) zip-top bag.

    2. Declare you have the items to one of the Security Officers at the security checkpoint.

    3. Present these items for additional inspection once reaching the X-ray. These items are subject to additional screening

    New regulations also allow you to take beverages (including water) from home as long as they are less than 3oz (100ml), -OR- beverages (including water) of any size that you have purchased from inside the security area onto planes. You can also bring a limited amount of yogurt, cheese, puddings, etc. with you also as long as they are in containers less than 3oz (100ml)

    Save your money when it comes to buying water though because the Flight Attendants will provide you with hot or cold water (or any other drink) free at any time that you request, no matter how many times you request it.

    6.) Keep your diaper bag well stocked with plenty of diapers, wipes, ointments and other essential things. Just remember the new law regulating liquids, gels, and such and pack accordingly. You can usually find travel size baby products in stores and they are wonderful for plane use. One thing I always like to carry with me is hand sanitizer! I always wipe the trays down with that (followed by a baby wipe) and use it for my kids after taking them to the bathroom (even though they wash their hands). I know that airplane bathrooms are not the cleanest, so that is why I try to be vigilant.

    Be sure to pack 2-3 changes of clothes for your child. You will need this in case she gets sick, spills something on herself, or in case your luggage gets lost. Bring any medications that you might need for your child should she get sick or that she takes regularly. Remember that if they are not prescription medications, the 3oz (100ml) rule applies to them and they must be kept in a clear plastic bag.

    Do NOT give your child medicine with the hopes of it making her sleep. This is not only cruel, but dangerous as well. I have also seen where it backfires; a parent gives their child a dose of Benedryl to make them sleep, but instead it gets the child more hyper and the parents get absolutely no rest on the flight (and neither does anyone else). Most young children will fall asleep on the plane due to the gentle vibrations.

    You should be respectful of other passengers and always change your child's diaper in the restroom. They do have diaper bed changers in there, although they can be a little small. Usually the bathrooms with the diapers beds are the handicap ones (they usually tend to be toward the rear of the plane), so they tend to be a little bit bigger and it does help. I also know some people who say that instead of using the changing table, they say to put the toilet seat down, use the toilet as a seat for yourself, and lay the baby across your knee to change their diaper. To make it easier on yourself, make sure that you undress your baby so that she has just a diaper on while at your seat. Grab your diaper, wipes, and ointment or baby powder (whatever you use for changing your childs diaper) and head to the bathroom. This will help to make the procedure faster and easier. Try to change your childs diaper as close to boarding as possible. This will help to make you baby feel fresh and more comfortable for take-off (which could also mean less problems).

    7.) Pack plenty of things to entertain your child. Books, small toys, a portable DVD player (be sure to bring extra batteries) or let her use your laptop (make sure it's fully charged) with a few movies is usually entertaining as well. Also be sure to pack one or two comfort things such as a favorite blankie or stuffed animal. I always bring a small pillow %26amp; blanket from home for my children (even now) because I know 100% that they are clean, and my children are accustomed to them.

    My children bring along a Rose Art kit which is great! It has crayons, markers, coloring books, coloring sheets, %26amp; stickers that they can color. It definitely keeps them entertained!鈥?/a>

    I take the contents of the kit out of the box %26amp; place them in something a little travel pack. Here is what my sons looks like:鈥?/a> - outside鈥?/a> - inside

    You can also play games like pat-a-cake, or I-spy, %26amp; tell stories to your child as well. If you tell a story, try to make it an interactive one where she has a part in it so she stays interested.

    You might also consider going to the store %26amp; letting your child pick out a few inexpensive toys or other things that interest her to be used only once you are on the plane. Be sure to pick out a few toys without her seeing so that she has an extra surprise.

    8.) Don't worry about what the other passengers are going to think or say should your baby cry. This will only add stress, which your child can pick up on, and it could make her cry longer and harder. Instead, just relax, and handle the situation like you would if you were at home. Most times the other passengers are very understandin